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We Want a #Mayor4Communities

04 March 2021

As founding members, we were proud to announce the launch of Collective Community Action (CCA) earlier this year.

Collective Community Action is a group of active citizens, built environment professionals, community engagement specialists, educators, consultants and social entrepreneurs with a shared goal – to advance the role that communities play in shaping the city

Centre for London took up the challenge called for by CCA to increase the public’s involvement in planning. In partnership with ft’work and in collaboration with CCA and other key stakeholders, Centre for London developed and launched their manifesto to set out how the next Mayor can transform how local people and communities are engaged in planning.

You can read ‘Public planning – a manifesto for London’ here.

Key recommendations

  1. Demonstrate leadership and champion democracy – Publishing a draft Mayoral Statement of Community Involvement and establishing Mayoral Community Advocates who can support public involvement at every stage of the process.
  2. Fund and build skills – Funding a training programme for local authority officers, councillors and community champions to help them work with residents to develop and enhance local plans.
  3. Establish a knowledge base – Using place based audits to recognise and value the knowledge and expertise of local people in the planning process.
  4. Create incentives – Developing and launching an accreditation scheme for planners and developers to recognise and reward good public engagement.
  5. Provide scrutiny – Setting up a scorecard to help local councillors assess the quality of community engagement in planning applications and support them to make better decisions.
The manifesto was launched at an online event where Centre for London with guest speakers who are already making a difference spoke about why involvement in planning matters and what we can do to get more Londoners involved in the decisions that matter for our city. You can watch the recording here.

Here are some Londoners who would like to be involved – it’s #theircitytoo !

If you think London should be shaped by Londoners, please support this drive to have the next Mayor of London consult on and adopt a Mayoral Statement of Community Involvement that sets out some concrete demands.

We at Soundins + Fluid wanted to put our thoughts, weight and experience behind this and as founding members of CCA, feel that we are on the road to success. But that success relies on you!

Help keep the momentum going to ensure that we have a #mayor4communities

Please share this with your networks and sign up at www.collectivecommunityaction.co.uk